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The Geheren Firm, P.C. is focused on matters relating to real estate and real estate finance, including, but not limited to: residential and commercial real estate closings, foreclosures, Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcies, real estate litigation, and real estate title. Additionally, our firm’s services have expanded to include general business practice, such as commercial litigation. Our firm’s services are available across the entire State of Georgia.

Commercial Real Estate 

At The Geheren Firm, we recognize the issues unique to the commercial real estate industry. We handle all aspects of commercial transactions for lenders, sellers, buyers, and developers, from contract to closing. We assist with complex transactions relating to the acquisition, development, leasing, and sale of commercial properties.

Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy

Our Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy services are part of our Lender Services Practice Group, which is at the core of our firm’s practice. Our attorneys and staff are able to provide an unparalleled level of service in our field due in part to the well-established relationships we have built with our clients over the years. We have extensive experience handling all matters related to Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy.

The Geheren Firm represents lenders against consumer and commercial bankruptcy filings. Our Bankruptcy Department is quick and efficient in processing routine matters, as well as providing expert representation in more complicated bankruptcy matters including adversary proceedings and other contested matters. Our Firm’s expertise in real estate law and title law not only give us a huge advantage in dealing with matters of state law that arise in bankruptcy matters, but also helps us in fully protecting our clients’ interests.


Our attorneys are well versed in all matters related to compliance in the lending field and regularly assist clients with responding to and defending HUD, RESPA, GCEO and other state and federal regulatory complaints. Bankruptcy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation and filing Proofs of Claims and Amended Proofs of Claims

  • Chapter 11 and 13 plan reviews to ensure client is receiving proper treatment and make recommendations if objections are needed. Assessment of Debtor’s petition, docket and history to determine if there is cause for objections.

  • Draft, file and prosecute Objections to Confirmation

  • Preparation and filing of Motions for Relief from Stay

  • Negotiate with Debtor’s counsel for consent orders (hearing attendance and prosecution of motions when necessary)

  • Respond to and defend Objections to Proofs of Claims

  • Defend Cram Down and Lien Strip motions

  • Provide defense to Adversary proceedings and other contested matters

  • Draft and file Reaffirmation Agreements

  • Prepare and file miscellaneous motions in compliance with Rule 3001.2 to include Response to Notice of Final Cure, Notice of Post-Petition Fees, Notice of Payment Changes, and Transfer of Claims

  • Continued monitoring cases for adversarial issues that may arise in order to recommend an appropriate course of action


We recognize that there are many law firms offering Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy services; however, we believe that there are several important points that distinguish The Geheren Firm from other firms.

  • Our People - While we are large enough to provide any bankruptcy services needed, we are not a lender services mill. Each and every matter referred to our law firm is assigned to an individual with extensive experience and training in the field. Perhaps more importantly, we treat every client with respect and treat every matter as critically important. We take great pride in the quality of our work.

  • Communication - Communication is essential to providing quality service. We are well versed with the various communication and vendor management platforms. What sets The Geheren Firm apart from other firms is our accessibility and our clear and efficient communication skills, which save our clients time and energy. As part of our commitment, we guarantee that every call during office hours will be answered by an individual that will give your call undivided attention and answer your question immediately.

  • Experience - The firm's founder, Patrick Geheren, has been practicing law in the state and federal courts of Georgia for over twenty years. He spent the first ten years exclusively as a trial lawyer. This tradition of general litigation experience is carried on by all of the firm’s attorneys. We believe our litigation experience sets us apart and makes us better bankruptcy attorneys.

  • Statewide Coverage - Our Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy services are available in all courts in all districts of Georgia.




The Geheren Firm typically represents landlords in disputes arising out of leases or under tenancy at sufferance resulting from foreclosure. We have a great deal of experience handling the myriad of issues that can arise. We are aggressive in moving all of our files to prompt resolution, while continuing to seek opportunities for loss mitigation and settlement.



The Geheren Firm understands the importance of efficiency and timeliness when it comes to handling foreclosures. Our Foreclosure Department consistently completes foreclosures in advance of lender expectations and schedules. Over the past several years the Firm has acquired a niche for dealing with troublesome foreclosure files, offering clients solutions that will maximize the realized value of their assets. The Geheren Firm is willing to comply with all applicable fee guidelines, and utilize, at the option of its clients, any billing system and servicing system necessary. Residential foreclosure services include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-judicial foreclosures

  • Judicial foreclosures

  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure

  • Short sales

  • Title claims and curative actions

  • Lien clearance

  • Tax sale redemptions

  • Mobile home title curative solutions

  • Confirmation and deficiency actions

  • Senior lien monitoring



In today's dynamic real estate industry, The Geheren Firm offers experience and results-oriented representation for our clients whom require representation in civil and commercial litigation matters throughout Georgia. The Firm draws on a foundation of solid case management and proven trial skills in representing our clients in all types of disputes. We will provide intelligent and experienced counsel to help you achieve your objective quickly and cost-effectively. We recognize that most often there are alternatives to litigation that will best serve your needs and we will always explore those options, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. When litigation is the only solution, we will pursue it aggressively and intelligently so as to obtain the best and most cost-effective result. Litigation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Judicial foreclosures

  • Title curative litigation

  • Suits on notes

  • Title claims

  • Confirmation and deficiency actions

  • Fraud prevention and loss mitigation

  • Wrongful foreclosure defense litigation

  • Eviction actions

  • Landlord/tenant disputes

  • HOA litigation

  • Bankruptcy protection


Loss Mitigation

The Geheren Firm understands the importance of reducing the financial losses realized by our clients and maximizing the value of their assets. In order to do so, we offer a variety of loss mitigation and retention services. Loss mitigation and retention services include, but are not limited to:

  • Loan modifications

  • Repayment/forbearance plans

  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure

  • Short sales

  • Bankruptcy loss mitigation

  • “Cash for keys” agreements


REO (Real Estate Owned)

We are expert in assisting lenders, servicers and auction companies in the sale and transfer of portfolios of properties. Through our experience handling such matters, we have established processes that enable us to consistently close properties without delay. Upon receipt of every file, we conduct preliminary title work to identify title issues and lend our expertise to resolve title issues well before closing. Because of the volume of files being handled by bank REO specialists and their real estate agents, it is not enough for the closing firm to limit its attention to its own title-related tasks. The REO closing firm must also ensure that all other parties to the transaction are completing their tasks. Our leadership and expertise in REO closings not only allows our files to close on time, but it also creates a positive closing experience and encourages investors to buy more properties from our lender clients.


Regulatory Compliance Assistance

The Geheren Firm understands the importance of keeping our clients abreast of state and federal regulations. We actively monitor cases and attend conferences in order to best assist our clients with implementing best practice procedures and policies and, ultimately, avoiding litigation.


Residential Real Estate

The Geheren Firm specializes in residential real estate, including, but not limited to, residential real estate closings, acquisition/development loans, construction loans, HECM reverse mortgage closings, 1031 tax free exchanges, relocation, real estate owned (REO) closings, title services and title insurance. The Firm handles all aspects of residential closings, representing the interests of lenders, sellers, buyers, builders, and developers. We also assist with the preparation of subdivision, condominium, townhome, and mixed-use covenants and restrictions. Closing documents can be reviewed via our innovative software suite, Vivid Closing Solutions. Vivid is designed to make closings clear. With 24/7 access, parties can login to their account and order title, schedule a closing, view currently scheduled closings, upload and view documents, communicate with their closer and much more. Vivid is completely CFPB and ALTA Best Practices compliant. 


Title Services & Title Insurance

Title services are at the core of what we do. Through our title affiliate, LandGuard Title, LLC, we perform title examinations, handle special title projects and issue title insurance products for individual and large volume accounts needing a quick turnaround. We are expert and creative at finding cost-effective solutions to even the most complicated title problems. We are authorized title agents for Commonwealth Land Title, Chicago Title, and First American Title.

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